The general rules of the Oxford & District Crib Leagues Association are documented below followed by a list of useful contacts and some links.

A PDF version of this page is available by clicking here: Download Rules (pdf)

General Rules of the Association 2023/2024

  1. The league shall be known as the “Oxford & District Crib League” and teams shall compete in league play on designated Wednesday evenings.
  2. Teams will consist of 6 registered players, playing in pre-determined pairs. Should a team be 1 player short (and only 1) then one (1) of the players from the First Pair finishing, may play partner to the fifth player.
  3. (League matches ONLY) Each match shall comprise of 3 games, with each game played over 3 “legs” between the competing pairs. All legs to be played and the results recorded.
  4. Each leg will be won by the first pair to score 121 holes - that being twice around the crib board, plus 1 hole.
  5. Holes will be scored by combinations of
    • numeric totals of 15
    • combination of pairs & runs
    • flushes of the same suit of the playing cards
  6. Each game will start with a player from each side cutting the cards for the “box”. The lower value card having the choice of first box & the deal. All court cards counting as 10 and an ace counting as 1. The second leg to belong to the player to the left of the original dealer. The final leg for dealing, to be decided by a re-cut between the two players not involved with the original cut.
  7. After shuffling the cards the deck to be cut by the player to the dealer’s right and the cards are dealt clockwise for 5 cards each. After each player has placed a card into the “box” the player to the dealer’s left to cut for the “box-card”. A jack being cut to count as 2 holes for the dealer at all times in league or cup matches including losers even if this means winning or losing the game.
  8. League points will be determined on “legs” won by each pairing. All legs to be played & result recorded, with a total of 9 points at stake at each match. In event of points being equal at end of a season, a play-off to be arranged to decide winners. Section winners play for "The Association’s Rose Bowl" on finals night.
  9. Any re-arranged league matches (cancelled through illness or weather) to be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the Association’s Finals Night. For any match unable to be re-arranged, a maximum of 6 points may be awarded to the non-offending team.
  10. Matches to start at 8:30 pm, AND NO LATER than 8:45 pm unless by prior agreement. Play to commence on 2 tables but home team SHALL offer the away team the opportunity to play on 3 tables if they are available. Additional players may be registered at any time during the season provided that:
    • Secretary is informed by phone or writing prior to playing that player
    • The player has not played for another team that season.
    Registration fees for teams & players to be paid each season with the amount decided at the Association’s Annual Meeting.
  11. A separate beer leg competition is run in conjunction with league matches and the results recorded separately on the official score cards. Substitutes may be used when playing this fourth “leg”.
    Team Knock-outs - played as league match rules
    All Pairs Competitions - played as league matches, best of 3 “legs” to win
    Singles Play - Each game to be of 61 holes (once around crib board plus 1 hole). The non-dealer to receive 3 holes start in lieu of the “box” at the start of each “leg”. Best of 3 to win.
    Losers Pairs - Each “leg” to be once around the crib board. No holes awarded to the non-dealer in lieu of box. The successful pair being that which loses 2 “legs” from the best of 3 to be winners. When cutting for the deal, the player cutting the higher card has the "box".
    Note. Only 1 substitute allowed in pairs competitions - a registered player that has NOT played in any previous round.
  13. In all league matches, the HOME TEAM shall be responsible for forwarding the result to the Secretary, to arrive NOT LATER than 5 days of the match taking place. Results accepted either by post or email.
    Regular failure to receive results by following Monday may result with a FORFEIT of points.
    HOME team to forward result in team cup matches.
  14. The Association’s headquarters to be based at the Royal British Legion, Littlemore.
  15. Any points of dispute will be dealt with by the committee elected at each Annual Meeting.
  16. Any unruly behaviour towards players or committee members will not be tolerated and will be dealt with at the next committee meeting.

Useful Contacts


Debbie Forbes

Joint Secretary

C. Bushnell
394 Marston Road
07818 055816
(01865) 435350

Joint Secretary

Mrs N Rudman
66 St Nicholas Road
07889 987795


Mrs. L. Whipp
07879 053246


Geoff Roynon
2 Gateley
Horspath, Oxford
OX33 1TH
07955 876988


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