Oxford is a great place to live, plenty to see and do and as it's mostly flat around the city centre, good for long walks.

The Thames and its many tributaries plus the Oxford canal have many miles of walks.

Oxford Canal

Oxford Canal - Dinosaur

Oxford Canal - Dinosaur Mural (Artist - Dan Wilson).
While walking along the Oxford canal in March 2019 I spotted this mural under one of the bridges. There are others in this area as well. More information about this mural and others along the canal will be found here: Oxford Canal Murals

Oxford Canal - Kingfisher

Oxford Canal - Kingfisher Mural (Artist - Richard Wilson).
This mural of a Kingfisher is quite amazing as the reflection of the moving ripples on the wall make it look very lifelike.

Swan on canal

Swan on Oxford Canal, Jericho.


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