Last Update: 19th July 2019

This page contains reports concerning group activities.


Garsington Ridgeway Report

[Posted 18th June 2019]

Recently, one of the group (Geoff), while exploring the Garsington ridgeway area using Google Earth found what looks like a probable bronze age barrow. Chris did some more exploration around this area and found three more possible barrows in adjacent fields.

This needs further investigation on the ground but needs to be cleared with the landowner first.

Note that these barrows are on private farmland not open to the public and the cropmarks only appear very rarely when soil conditions are suitable.

Bronze Age Barrow

Bronze Age Barrow (Google Earth 2004 image)

An image of the same barrow from Google Earth taken in 2014.

Bronze Age Barrow 2014

Bronze Age Barrow (Google Earth 2014 image)


Windmill Lane Report

[Posted 4th July 2019]

Chris found some interesting circles on a field near Windmill Lane while browsing Google Earth.
"There are some curious cropmarks in the small angular section of this field that look remarkably like an Iron Age (?) settlement. The larger circles being huts & the smaller ones storage pits. I did do some test pits here forty years ago because of the curious deviation on the old lane at that point, but found nothing.
However, given this possible new evidence I think it's time for another try - precisely where the larger circles are close to the hedge - as we can focus more clearly at those points. As this location is directly above the Dam area mentioned in the OH paper it may be of significance."

The images below are from Google Earth taken in 2004 and 2017

This needs further investigation on the ground - the landowner is Denis Walker.

Windmill Lane circles 2004

Circles in field near Windmill Lane (2004)


Windmill Lane circles 2017

Circles in field near Windmill Lane (2017)


Windmill Lane Test Dig Report

[Posted 19th July 2019]

Chris revisited the Google Earth images of the Windmill Lane field and used the Google Earth tools to measure one of the more distinct circles. The image below shows the circle which is 40 feet from the top right corner and 26 feet in from the hedge.

Windmill Lane dig

Measurement of circle in Windmill field

Chris and Geoff visited the field on the 18th July 2019 and measured 40 feet from the top corner and 26 feet in from the hedge. Using a pickaxe and shovel we started digging a small test pit. About 6-8 inches below the surface we started finding many small rocks and stones, mainly ironstone. Digging was difficult because of the quantity of stones we had to remove. Chris used his 18-inch soil auger close to the test pit and hit more stones. However, when he tried 2 feet nearer the hedge and two feet towards the centre of the circle the auger had no problems going down 18 inches.
We need to run a trench across the edge of the circle and see if the stones/rocks form part of a collapsed wall.

Windmill Lane field dig

Test pit with many large stones