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Last Update: 22nd December 2023

This is the News and Announcements page for the Horspath Archaeology & History Group.


22nd December 2023

Another Hennes painting has been added to the Hennes Painting collection under the Local History link. It shows a section of Butts Road with the old hollow elm tree and Cuffy's Barn. The picture was left to Brian Lowe by Nesta Long.

14th October 2022

The Reports page has been updated with a report of a Romano-British Pottery Kiln on Shotover, originally excavated by Chris Pym in 1973.

8th October 2021

The Reports page has been updated with results from a dig on a suspected bronze-age barrow.

28th July 2021

A new section has been added to the "Timelines" page containing a link to images of paintings rescued from a house which was being demolished.

31st December 2020

The 'Village of Old Horsepath' document (in the Documents section) has been updated with a minor correction.

20th November 2020

The MPRD project article has been updated with images of an interesting navigation instrument from Rudolf Hess's plane.

17th April 2020

The "Horspath Since 1500" article has been added to the Timelines page. More images have been added to the Horspath Images Timeline.

27th February 2020

The Horspath Images Timeline has been updated. Further images will be added as they become available.

25th February 2020

The Horspath Chapel and Hub Timeline has been updated.

14th February 2020

A new document called "Wheatley Roman Villa Notes" has been added to the Documents page and the References page has been updated with "Local Archival Archaeology Information Sources" information.

23rd January 2020

The "Horspath" link has been renamed as "Timelines" which fits in better with what we are aiming to do.

20th January 2020

The website links have been rearranged yet again to add a link for Horspath local history. This is called "Horspath" and the page it links to contains many links to sub-pages (most of which have still to be finished). The previous "Articles" link has been moved under "References".

7th January 2020

A new link has been added to the website for browsing the Newsletters released by HAHG. The "Notes & Queries" link has been renamed as "Articles"

3rd January 2020

Our third newsletter has been released and a copy has been added to the Documents page. It contains information about pottery in our local area plus other news.

24th November 2019

The MPRD Project page has been updated with interesting information from Brian Lowe.

11th October 2019

The Home page has been updated with information about the aims of the group and describing the committee members and their roles.

26th August 2019

The latest newsletter has been added to the Documents page in pdf format.

20th August 2019

A new project describing some interesting circles/barrows along the Garsington Ridge has been added to the Projects page.

1st August 2019

The website logo has been updated and the name of the group changed. Brian Lowe will be adding his expertise as local historian to the group.

19th July 2019

The Reports page has been updated with results of a test dig in the Windmill Lane field.

9th July 2019

We would like to welcome Jemma Underdown to our group. She is currently doing a PhD at Reading University and focusing on the period between the end of Roman rule and the coming of the Anglo-Saxons. She will be helping as an Archaeological advisor.

23rd May 2019

The website for the Horspath Archaeological Group is now live.