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Welcome to the home of the Purley Literary Society.

The Purley Literary Society, affectionately known as 'Purley Lit,' started in 1901, and has being running continuously except for the war years.

The Society holds regular meetings from October to March, which usually take the form of illustrated talks.

Meetings are held in the hall of the Purley United Reformed Church, 906, Brighton Road, Purley. CR8 2LN

Membership of the Society is available in two flavours:

the entire Autumn and Spring set of 11 talks for £22,
or just the Spring set of 6 talks for £12.

Membership tickets are transferable - if you are unable to attend a meeting, you are encouraged to let a friend use your ticket.

Visitors pay £5 per talk, but any visitor fees already paid are refunded on taking up a membership.

Please use this link to contact us:


Detail of the tapestry top margin showing Halley's Comet, from a talk in the 2018 - 19 season:
"1066 and all that - The Bayeux Tapestry" by Martin Heard

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